NOVARUM SKY was founded

Operation Starts

We started operating in 2015 with the main objective of developing new technologies to maximize efficiency in aerial industrial inspection processes. Therefore, the team consisting of engineers and partners was created to provide technology for drones, manned aircraft and high-performance radios.

A New Solution

We developed a new solution for aerial inspection of power towers. This technology allows very detailed and fast inspections including the creation of a report in the meantime. Additionally, we started progressing an innovative method called “Direct Georeferencing” together with new technology make for us called "Event Sync". It enables fast services with a high accuracy of 1 cm for topographic purpose without the need of control points in the ground.

International Network

We started to establish an international network with a multidisciplinary team and partners in the areas of telecommunications, automation and control, programming, international business, marketing and strategic planning.