Our Products

The EtherCopter Inspection

The EtherCopter Inspection is one of NOVARUM SKY's two products, which are currently available. IoT and Remote USB IP are integrated in order to increase efficiency of detailed industrial inspection, allowing a 2.5 times faster inspection report. In addition it enables the inspector to operate the camera or any other sensor that is installed in the Drone as well as to communicate with the Drone pilot through Full HD video and voice, using only the Internet and Web Browser interface from anywhere in the World.



The EtherCopter Topography RTK

The EtherCopter Topography RTK is the second of two currently available products by NOVARUM SKY. Used for the execution of Topography applications it does so with high accuracy of around 1cm through the Direct Georeferencing technique, being a low cost solution when compared to equivalent solutions on the market. In December the EtherCopter Monitoring will be presented, a product that is installed in helicopters that enables public safety service with access to Full HD video and voice over the Web with the advantage of not requiring a new certification of the aircraft in the departments of civil aviation regulation.



drone days

We were present at the Drone-Days 2018 in Brussels. It was a great opportunity to meet big names in the industry.

"Drone-Days 2018 is an exhibition that creates synergy between drone-related businesses (manufacturers, service providers, training centers, etc.) and those whose core business and activity could benefit from the use of drones (construction, transportation, telecommunications, etc.). "

We are very proud of our cooperation with our partner Remote Sensing. It was a great opportunity for companies around the world looking to develop a presence in Drone-Days. For B2B and pitching, this exhibition was held in conjunction with Enterprise Europe Brussels to create a European meeting platform for professionals of the drone industry and other conventional companies with an interest in the benefits that civilian drones' expertise can bring to their Business

A 4-in-1 which contributes towards the growth of specific activity in the drone-market :

* Exhibition area

* Flight zone

* Pitching session

* B2B area-matchmaking event 

We are sure that this was a great chance for NOVARUM SKY to develop business opportunities.


Web Summit

NOVARUM SKY demonstrated their system at the 2017 Web Summit in Lisbon. The Web Summit is an exhibition representing a fantastic opportunity for all businesses who look to develop a presence in Portugal. 

The company’s demonstration consisted of an aerial inspection close to their office base in Florianapolis, Brazil. By using IoT technology the controlling of the camera and drone takes place in Lisbon and communication to the drone pilot in Brazil in real time is possible.

The Web Summit was stated to be an important part of their growth strategy and turned out to be a successfullly taken chance to increase exposure through social media and press. As a result NOVARUM SKY had meetings with four potential investors.