Each type of service in surveying requires specific accuracy. The higher the accuracy, the higher the requirements eith the equipaments and the skills of the professionals. The Topography Software allows the UAV to do any Topography service with precision of up to 1 cm in small or large areas, bringing advantages over the traditional topography methodologies.

EtherCopter Topography RTK it will be ready for sale in April 2018.

With this software it will be possible to perform topography activities very quickly and with very high precision (<1 cm) in the city or at a farm using the Direct Georeferencing technique synchronized with the moment of the photo exposure and to make corrections of the RTK solution using Virtual Base GNSS, not requiring control points (CP) on soil. The software runs on the cheapest hardware platform on the market, the Raspberry PI Zero computer, installed in a Drone and uses GNSS L1 receiver, 10Hz which makes it a very differentiated system from others in the market and guarantees a FIX RTK solution in less than 3 minutes of operation and FIX during all flight.