We are an interdisciplinary team of  professionals developing solutions for aerial vehicles. Therefore, we offer an innovative, efficient and safe way to carry out aerial inspections and professional services with high quality.

In 2015, we started to assess and test the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in power-line inspection and found out that the existing products in the market were not able to meet all requirements of the industry. Therefore, we developed an unmanned aerial system specialized in power-line inspection. At the same time, we designed our technology to create advantages in the fields of video transmission, topography, agriculture as well as in safety and security purposes.

We solve inefficiencies of aerial inspections and 3D surveying with usual UAVs by integrating IoT & SaaS, allowing faster report & 3D Map.

Through the software development over Raspberry Pi embedded platform and IoT solution, the inspector / cameraman accesses the video, operates the camera, communicates with the Drone pilot and executes the report in real time from anywhere in the World via SaaS solution.