Juliano Grigulo

Partner & CTO

 He is an Automation and Control Engineer with background in power electronics, control, embedded systems programming and network protocols. Furthermore, he

  • has around 7 years of practice with Power electronics, static converters, industrial protocols and closed loop control implementation in embedded computers and C programming.
  • has studied computer and electrical engineering abroad for 1 year in Canada, followed by an internship in power electronics and control applied to photovoltaic systems.
  • has experience with processing of renewable energy such as photovoltaic and wind power.
  • worked at Fraunhofer IZM institute for half a year as an electrical engineer traineeship, developing high power density converters with digital closed loop control.
  • worked for 5 years at power electronics group (GEPOC) at UFSM as an intern.
  • currently taking master degree in sensors localization in wireless sensor networks with UAV as a mobile sensor.