Our Products

The EtherCopter Direct Georeferencing System

The EtherCopter Direct Georeferencing (DG) System is the second of two currently available products by NOVARUM SKY. Used for the execution of Georeferenced Map applications it does so with high accuracy better than 5 cm through the Direct Georeferencing technique, being a low cost solution when compared to equivalent solutions on the market. Novarum Sky DG solution running RTK or PPK solution on Raspberry Pi, L1@5Hz GNSS receiver configured to receive Raw data from three constellations and new software that corrects the position of the Drone at the time of exposure of the photo with sampling frequency of 2000 Hz. Novarum Sky GD does not use IMU, however it provides the coordinates of the photos with accuracy and precision better than 5 cm at the end of the workflow without the use of ground control points (GCPs). Another important factor is the time to FIX RTK that in the GD Novarum Sky solution is only 3 minutes. The base GNSS receiver can be accessed via the Internet via the NTRIP protocol or locally for the RTK or PPK solution.



The EtherCopter Inspection

The EtherCopter Inspection is one of NOVARUM SKY's two products, which are currently available. IoT and Remote USB IP are integrated in order to increase efficiency of detailed industrial inspection, allowing a 2.5 times faster inspection report. In addition it enables the inspector to operate the camera or any other sensor that is installed in the Drone as well as to communicate with the Drone pilot through Full HD video and voice, using only the Internet and Web Browser interface from anywhere in the World.