Power Line 3D Reconstruction

With 3D mapping of power lines using Direct Georeferencing (DG) and photogrammetry it is possible to carry out detailed analysis of areas with potential risk of accidents due to proximity to power lines.

Main applications of Power Line 3D Reconstruction:

- Classification of the environment (urban areas, forest areas, etc.)

- Risk analysis of tree fall

- Management of vegetation and invasions at different levels of risk

- Distance between power lines and ground and objects

To make these applications efficiently, LiDAR laser scanners technology is used and installed in manned aircraft or Drones, allowed identify and measure cable distance measurements with other components of the 3D coordinate map, however, compared to the technology aerial photogrammetry, the equipment cost is at least 10 times higher and requires complex and time-consuming processing of the cloud of points to properly classify the elements on the map (identify what is a stone, tower, vegetation, river or building for example) for later make the analyzes and measurements.

We developed a new aero-photogrammetry solution with Drones called SkyPowerLine consisting of:

  • Drone quadcopter with take-off weight of less than 2.8 Kg (flight time around 60 minutes with Li-ion battery 16.000mah 6S)
  • Multiple RGB sensors
  • Embedded image processing software
  • Optimizes flight plan for corridor mapping
  • PPK System (Post Processing Kinematic) and Direct Georeferencing (DG)
  • Photogrammetry Software.

The SkyPowerLine solution enables the 3D mapping of Power Lines with the advantages of 3D mapping using the aerial photogrammetry technique.

The accuracy of each point is better than or equal to 6 cm. It is generated the file with extension .LAS (handle point cloud data).

Business Model

Novarum Sky offer the 3D maps to Energy Company through partnership with Drone Operators.

SkyPowerLine service:

  1. Equipment. Novarum Sky sale or rent complet hardware Drone System or only cameras/RTK-PPK system (adapted for use in any Drone) to Drone Operator Company certified by Energy Company.
  2. Collect images. Drone Operator collect the images in the Power Lines and send images also GNSS archive (criptografed) to SaaS SkyPowerLine plattaform (powered by Amazon, Google...).
  3. Generate 3D mapping. SkyPowerLine processing the 3D images using OperDroneMap or Pix4D software and generated the .LAS archives.
  4. Access 3D Power Line mapping. The Energy Company access the .LAS archives in the SkyPowerLine SaaS.