Direct Georeferencing (DG) System

Each type of service in surveying requires specific accuracy. The higher the accuracy, the higher the requirements and the equipaments and the skills of the professionals. The Direct Georeferencing System allows the UAV to do any aerophotogrametry service with precision and accuracy better than 5 cm in small or large areas without Ground Control Points (GCPs), bringing advantages over the traditional topography methodologies.

With this product it will be possible to perform georeferenced map very quickly and with very high accuracy (<5 cm) in the city or at a farm. running RTK or PPK solution on Raspberry Pi, L1 RTK GNSS receiver configured to receive Raw data from three constellations and new software that corrects the position of the Drone at the time of exposure of the photo with sampling frequency of 2000 Hz, not requiring ground control points (GCP). Another important factor is the time to FIX RTK that in the DG Novarum Sky solution is only 3 minutes. The base GNSS receiver can be accessed via the Internet via the NTRIP protocol or locally for the RTK or PPK solution.

Example application

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